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Can anyone here explain this?

The Streets of Iran has been dormant since mid-summer, when it was first posted in order to see if we could create a thoughtful collaborative instrument for talking about transport in cities in Iran from a broad international perspective.  But even though it has not been fed with new information over this period, nonetheless a fairly steady parade of international visitors continue to drop in regularly, apparently to have a look. But a look at what? Who? Why? Continue reading

Einstein on your mind

In homage to Lee Schipper

In homage to Lee Schipper Our long-time colleague and very dear friend Lee Shipper left us on Tuesday evening, warmly surrounded by family and loving friends. Since he meant so much to so many of us who have been involved in the uphill struggle for sustainability in all its forms and corners of our lives, I thought it would be appropriate to open up these pages over the next days, and possibly more than that, to a selection of pieces in which the author reflects on the ki … Read More

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Tragedy of the Commons: The car as enclosure

Tragedy of the Commons: The car as enclosure Chris Bradshaw, Canadian planner and new mobility innovator, takes us on a quick peek into cars as "enclosures" of what should more rightly be the common domain in our cities. When we look at it this way, the concept of a "right to park" starts to look quite different. We are once again back to the concept of "worst practices" on the one hand, and on the other, our the understanding of space as public, private . . . or social. All of a sudden we … Read More

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Car Crazy: Lee Schipper on the Perils of Asia’s Hyper-Motorization

Car Crazy: Lee Schipper on the Perils of Asia’s Hyper-Motorization Our old friend and long time colleague Lee Schipper is sitting in a hospital bed in Berkeley California today, and since your editor is stuck in Paris and can't visit him, we thought that while he gets his strength back we would  reach into our and others archives and publish a series of pieces to celebrate his deep knowledge of all that World Streets is about, his  excellent judgement and his world level communications skills. (And if you have s … Read More

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Upcoming international events: Aug/Oct. 2011

Upcoming international events: Aug/Oct. 2011 This listing of coming international events through end-October is compiled by the GIZ Sustainable Urban Transport Project. Click here to go to their website for their latest newsletter: May – June 2011 30.08.2011 Washington D.C.,US: Safe & Sustainable Mobility for Older People Link: 11.09.2011 Durban, S.A.: Thredbo 12 Conference Link: ht … Read More

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There are no women in the world who are shaping the sustainable transportation agenda? (Apparently)

I wonder if I am the only person in the world who gets upset at this: I am from time to time approached by groups and publications with in-progress lists identifying whom they see as the most influential people who are through their work and efforts shaping the sustainable transportation agenda, which they then ask me to comment, add to, etc. Now what is to me most striking about these lists is that on almost all occasions they invariably consist … Read More

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On the road II: Drive Across America for Free

On the road II: Drive Across America for Free Look, it's summer and who knows where you are today.  But if at one point you happen to be there, and you want really to see and understand some important truths about the United States of America, there is nothing like forgetting about the plane and hitting the road. Stay off the Interstate and make your way across the country on local and state roads, stopping frequently in small towns along the way, not just to sleep and eat but to walk around … Read More

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Weekend leisure: The Bollywood Bicycle Boogie

Weekend leisure: The Bollywood Bicycle Boogie Take a break. It's the weekend. Get your head out of that fat book and come with Navdeep Asija and me to the movies in India, the Bollywood Bicycle Boogie. The idea behind World Streets has from the beginning been to seek out and share universal lessons, from specific times and different places but which, with a bit of thought, can open up our eyes, ears and hearts to many things, including with a bit of luck to ourselves and our own limitations … Read More

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Breathing the lovely morning air in Delhi traffic

Breathing the lovely morning air in Delhi traffic GUEST POST.  "Anyone who has sat in traffic in an Indian city knows what it feels like to be blasted in the face by the exhaust of a neighboring vehicle.  Despite the potentially important health risks that may be involved with such encounters, relatively few studies have measured in-traffic air pollution in developing world cities, where the combination of congested traffic and high-emitting vehicle fleets make "in-your-face" exposures a feature … Read More

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Volvo Sustainable Mobility award: Any bright ideas?

Volvo Sustainable Mobility award: Any bright ideas? Annoucement: The Volvo Sustainable Mobility award supports all groups, organizations, institutes and individuals who are working towards creating ‘innovative solutions’ in the broad area of supporting sustainable transport in cities. The objective is to highlight the need to develop effective urban transport & mobility system to address the needs of rapidly growing cities. The last date for registering entries is August 30th 2011. The last da … Read More

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India Streets: We must be doing something right.

India Streets: We must be doing something right. Here is something that is rather interesting about India Streets. While for various reasons there have been very little orignal content coming in from our Indian colleagues in the last months, the fact is that the journal is nonetheless quite heavily visited each day. And where do those readers come from? India Streets: We must be doing something right.  (Now all we have to do is do more and better of it.  That is where you get involved. And you … Read More

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Cities for Mobility World Congress 3-6 July 2011. “Urban Mobility and the Social Space Challenge”

Cities for Mobility World Congress 3-6 July 2011.   "Urban Mobility and the Social Space Challenge" For those of you  interested in the topics under discussion in this year's  Fifth Annual  Cities for Mobility Congress  that just concluded in  Stuttgart, World Streets is pleased to offer a selection of the working papers and discussions which we think will be of most interest to our readers. The theme this year was "urban mobility and social space", an angle, a way of viewing  the sector which we believe opens up s … Read More

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Best transport research database we have ever seen. (via World Streets: The New Mobility Agenda)

Best transport research database we have ever seen. The overflowing inbox this morning brought a reminder of a tool to which in this age of info-overload we had not given much thought of late – the expanded and honed TRID database. This is not just a good database and handy resource —  it is an EXCELLENT tool for planners, policy makers,  academics, and quite possibly you. If you are not already using it, at the very least check  out the quick presentation here. We shall shortly publish a more co … Read More

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Going down? Newman and Kenworthy on Peak Car Use

This is an important article. It  appears simultaneously in the Summer of 2011 edition of our sister publication, the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice. With a view to ensuring its broadest international readership we are posting it here with pleasure, and with permission of the authors. We do this with particular interest on the grounds that their central thesis — that is, our faster than one might have expected evolving attitudes toward car ownership and use — is one that is central to the preoccupations of World Streets and all our associated programs. Continue reading on World Streets ->

SOI: The Official Launch!

Today is the first official day here at the Streets of Iran! We now have a framework to go on with and we got some ideas for our next steps. Our top priority at the moment is to run the website in Persian alongside English. Our goal is to bring in Persian translation of the articles little by little and hopefully in 6-8 months we will have the website fully operational in both languages. This will of course happen faster if we get more help from Persian speakers both inside and outside of Iran. Continue reading

World Transport Policy & Practice – Vol. 17, No. 2. Now available

World Transport Policy & Practice – Vol. 17, No. 2 The Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice is the long-standing idea and print partner of World Streets and the New Mobility Agenda since 1995. The Summer 2011 edition appears with articles by Bruce Appleyard, Joshua Hart and Graham Parkhurst, and Peter Newman and Jeff Kenworthy. In the article that follows you will find the lead editorial by founding editor John Whitelegg. (For a more complete introduction to World Transport click here.) … Read More

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Cities for Mobility Congress V in Stuttgart, Germany

“How future sustainable urban mobility can contribute to transform urban spaces into appealing social places that attract people to live, work, relax and interact? That is the focus of the 5th Cities for Mobility Congress in Stuttgart, Germany. This congress will take place between July 3rd and 5th 2011. The event brings together over 300 people to discuss transportation challenges in world cities. The speakers come from variety of professional backgrounds and different geographical locations. There are Continue reading

June 22: Official Launch of the Streets of Iran

We finally set an official date for launching the Streets of Iran. That is first day of summer, 22 June 2011, 1 Tir 1390 (in Jalali/Persian Calendar). We are making some changes in our website to get ready for Launch Day.  One that we have been working on for the past weeks is moving to a private server. As of 8 June, we are no longer on WordPress blog and we have made some improvements to our template . The private server gives us greater flexibility with the design of the website as well as the features we did not have access to previously. Please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions. Continue reading

Op-Ed. Mass Transit Stonewall in Lahore (via India Streets)

Op-Ed. Mass Transit Stonewall in Lahore Recent developments appear to have sealed the fate of the Lahore Mass Transit System once and for all. The last time one had the opportunity to comment on the project in an earlier column (Bullet…Train), we left the government of the Punjab swaying in the arms of Norinco (pardon the pun),a weapons manufacturing company from China. If whispers from the corridors of power are to be believed then it seems our government’s square dance has suddenly b … Read More

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Every day is a great day to take a few cars off the street and think about it.

Mid-year 2011 update at World Car Free Days
Here you have a quick update of the materials and sources available on the topic from the World Car Free Days Consortium and several other key sources.

Continue reading

From World Streets: Look at this street & tell us what is happening on a typical day on the streets of Iran

World Streets. Paris, 16 June 2011. Most of us have some pretty truncated ideas about the pace and quality of daily life in this large and important country, which has, for various historical reasons, been cut off from the mainstream of international exchange, policy and practice when it comes to their streets. The simple truth is this. Every morning in Iran, some seventy-eight million women, men and children wake up to start their day, and they have to get to work, school, shopping, the hospital, visit friends and relatives, and all the other tasks and obligations of everyday life. It is important that these trips be safe, healthy and efficient. Continue reading