As noted in our Mission Statement, the goal of Streets of Iran is to reach out not only to those living in Iran and speaking Persian but also those living outside of the country and are interested in learning more about the Iranian cities and
transportation issues and innovations in Iran. To be able to communicate with all of our readers, we decided to start the website in English. We do understand English is not the primary language for many of Iranians living in the country as many people simply have no time or interest in learning English. For the time being, we shall rely on Google machine translation as a tool to at least get the message crossed.

We understand that there are some real limitations with Google translate and we ask you to be patient and use a little bit of imagination to get use of this (powerful) tool. Hopefully this machine will be more trustworthy in getting our points crossed to readers with languages other than English. It is our intention to translate the material published in the Streets of Iran in to Persian, at least selected articles and information. To start, we will try to link to Persian sources and websites we use in our articles. As much as we love to have a fully functional website in both English and Persian, time will be a factor and we will translate the information in Persian as much we possibly can. Meanwhile, if you are interested in helping us with the translation of the material, we will be very happy to have you on board. Please visit our Contact page and get in touch…We need your help!

Read more on Machine Translation and The Fine Art of Working with Machine Translation on World Streets.


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