"In Pakistan generally and in Lahore in particular . . "

“In Pakistan generally and in Lahore in particular, we are in a habit of seeking engineering solutions to pure management problems. The point in question here is the Kalma Chowk flyover.”    – Arshad Salam Khattak


One thought on “"In Pakistan generally and in Lahore in particular . . "

  1. Dear Ardhad,

    Kind thanks for those short but sharp words on that habit ” of finding engineering solutions . . . “. And if it were only in Lahore.

    Your good worlds have made their way into the comments as you will be able to see. But they flow even further toward the west.

    One of the principal points of The Streets of Iran – http://www.streetsofiran.org — is to make it clear to our Iranian friends, in government, universities or just out on the street, that no one has found a magic formula for resolving all the transport problems of our cities – but at least we can learn from each other mistakes (And occasional successes).

    At the end of the day the good Iranian response – or the good Pakistani response or the good American response – to these challenges will be unique in many ways. But we can build our best solutions for our cities though a collegial worldwide sharing of knowege and learning from others. In that way it becomes an increasing sum game.

    So if you go to “The Streets of Iran” today, you will see that you occupy a place of honor.

    Thank you so much and keep on slogging. Sustainable development and social justice are not for the lazy or timid.

    Kind regards,

    Eric Britton


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