SOI: The Official Launch!

Today is the first official day here at the Streets of Iran! We now have a framework to go on with and we got some ideas for our next steps. Our top priority at the moment is to run the website in Persian alongside English. Our goal is to bring in Persian translation of the articles little by little and hopefully in 6-8 months we will have the website fully operational in both languages. This will of course happen faster if we get more help from Persian speakers both inside and outside of Iran.

Today, we share two exciting news with you. First, we have some interests on SOI from Iran and a couple of photographers have decided to join our team to add to our image collection from streets of Iran. In the next few weeks, there will be more images of Iran in our Walking Tour of Streets of Iran, particularly images from Tehran, Mashhad, and Hamadan.

The second exciting news is our first appearance in a formal event. We will be presenting a poster on the Streets of Iran in Cities for Mobility Congress. It’s an excellent opportunity to get more connected to the professionals in the field of sustainable transportation and to generate interest in our project. If you are attending the conference, please come find us, we would love to meet you and have a chat with you. And if you can’t attend it, you still can get updates from the conference either on this page or on our twitter account. We will also have our poster available online for viewing once we have it ready.



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