Can anyone here explain this?

The Streets of Iran has been dormant since mid-summer, when it was first posted in order to see if we could create a thoughtful collaborative instrument for talking about transport in cities in Iran from a broad international perspective.  But even though it has not been fed with new information over this period, nonetheless a fairly steady parade of international visitors continue to drop in regularly, apparently to have a look. But a look at what? Who? Why?

Here is what the visitor map looks like in larger scale:

My first guess is that what you are seeing here are for the most part Iranian emigres or those with historic attachments to Iran. Then of course there are the generally curious, but also others who may have other reasons.

We have over this time been able to count a grand total of one visitor able to make it in From Iran. And of course we are hopeful that there will be many more in the future.

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