Going down? Newman and Kenworthy on Peak Car Use

This is an important article. It  appears simultaneously in the Summer of 2011 edition of our sister publication, the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice. With a view to ensuring its broadest international readership we are posting it here with pleasure, and with permission of the authors. We do this with particular interest on the grounds that their central thesis — that is, our faster than one might have expected evolving attitudes toward car ownership and use — is one that is central to the preoccupations of World Streets and all our associated programs. Continue reading on World Streets ->


SOI: The Official Launch!

Today is the first official day here at the Streets of Iran! We now have a framework to go on with and we got some ideas for our next steps. Our top priority at the moment is to run the website in Persian alongside English. Our goal is to bring in Persian translation of the articles little by little and hopefully in 6-8 months we will have the website fully operational in both languages. This will of course happen faster if we get more help from Persian speakers both inside and outside of Iran. Continue reading

Cities for Mobility Congress V in Stuttgart, Germany

“How future sustainable urban mobility can contribute to transform urban spaces into appealing social places that attract people to live, work, relax and interact? That is the focus of the 5th Cities for Mobility Congress in Stuttgart, Germany. This congress will take place between July 3rd and 5th 2011. The event brings together over 300 people to discuss transportation challenges in world cities. The speakers come from variety of professional backgrounds and different geographical locations. There are Continue reading

June 22: Official Launch of the Streets of Iran

We finally set an official date for launching the Streets of Iran. That is first day of summer, 22 June 2011, 1 Tir 1390 (in Jalali/Persian Calendar). We are making some changes in our website to get ready for Launch Day.  One that we have been working on for the past weeks is moving to a private server. As of 8 June, we are no longer on WordPress blog and we have made some improvements to our template . The private server gives us greater flexibility with the design of the website as well as the features we did not have access to previously. Please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions. Continue reading

SOI: Languages & Translations

As noted in our Mission Statement, the goal of Streets of Iran is to reach out not only to those living in Iran and speaking Persian but also those living outside of the country and are interested in learning more about the Iranian cities and
transportation issues and innovations in Iran. To be able to communicate with all of our readers, we decided to start the website in English. We do understand English is not the primary language for many of Iranians living in the country as many people simply have no time or interest in learning English. For the time being, we shall rely on Google machine translation as a tool to at least get the message crossed. Continue reading