Culture break: “A Few Cubic Meters of Love”

“A Few Cubic Meters of Love” is a drama on migration and love directed and produced by Afghan brothers Jamshid Mahmudi and Navid Mahmudi who have lived in Iran for the past 30 years. See article from The Other Iran: “A Few Cubic Meters of Love”.

Culture allows us to understand each other better. And if we understand each other better in our soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers that today separate us. But first we have to understand that our neighbour is, in the end, just like us, with the same problems, the same questions.

Adapted from Paulo Coelho



Can anyone here explain this?

The Streets of Iran has been dormant since mid-summer, when it was first posted in order to see if we could create a thoughtful collaborative instrument for talking about transport in cities in Iran from a broad international perspective.  But even though it has not been fed with new information over this period, nonetheless a fairly steady parade of international visitors continue to drop in regularly, apparently to have a look. But a look at what? Who? Why? Continue reading

In homage to Lee Schipper

In homage to Lee Schipper Our long-time colleague and very dear friend Lee Shipper left us on Tuesday evening, warmly surrounded by family and loving friends. Since he meant so much to so many of us who have been involved in the uphill struggle for sustainability in all its forms and corners of our lives, I thought it would be appropriate to open up these pages over the next days, and possibly more than that, to a selection of pieces in which the author reflects on the ki … Read More

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Tragedy of the Commons: The car as enclosure

Tragedy of the Commons: The car as enclosure Chris Bradshaw, Canadian planner and new mobility innovator, takes us on a quick peek into cars as "enclosures" of what should more rightly be the common domain in our cities. When we look at it this way, the concept of a "right to park" starts to look quite different. We are once again back to the concept of "worst practices" on the one hand, and on the other, our the understanding of space as public, private . . . or social. All of a sudden we … Read More

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Car Crazy: Lee Schipper on the Perils of Asia’s Hyper-Motorization

Car Crazy: Lee Schipper on the Perils of Asia’s Hyper-Motorization Our old friend and long time colleague Lee Schipper is sitting in a hospital bed in Berkeley California today, and since your editor is stuck in Paris and can't visit him, we thought that while he gets his strength back we would  reach into our and others archives and publish a series of pieces to celebrate his deep knowledge of all that World Streets is about, his  excellent judgement and his world level communications skills. (And if you have s … Read More

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