Photographs and images

Photographs are life in still. They are for people of the world to see and learn about others in an instant. It takes a picture seconds to illustrate the story that takes words pages to explain. Images are a necessity along with reports and writings in defining our streets. We invite our readers to take and submit photographs according to World Street’s Social Space Format. That is using the frame 940 x 198 pixels to illustrate streets of their cities. In this format, the focus is not so much content of the squares and rectangles we tend to take pictures of. It is rather to widen our view and see more of the social space around us and to capture events taking place in this space. To see examples of our social space image format, have a look at our tour of Streets of Iran or continue reading more about The Social Space Format on World Streets.

Bazar-e No - Shiraz - Iran

Credit: Kamshots


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